Cast Iron Dachshund Shoe Scraper, Door Stop

• Cast Iron Dachshund Shoe Cleaner, Door Stop ~H:5x12" 5lbs
• Cast Iron Dachshund Shoe Cleaner, Door Stop ~H:5x12" 5lbs
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Product Description

• Cast Iron Dachshund Shoe Cleaner, Door Stop ~H:5x12" 5lbs
A well suited creation and perfect critter to have picked to design with; the long body and adorable Dachshund.


Heavy and able to stay stable when used, along with keeping that door open during those trips in and out. If not meant for getting dirty, then a nice collector's cast-iron sculpture of a favorite pet in heart, durable for years to come.

Unlike some this has been welded. Where others are split between their halves and open at the base’s bottom. Grants that added finishing touch to this little guy’s stout rugged appeal and resistance to corrosion internally.


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Condition: Very good and similar to when new yet pre-owned.

Country: China

Size: H: 4.75” x L: 12.0” x W: 4.75”

Weight: 5 lb 13.0 oz | ~ Ship (7.2lbs) - Ship weight for this sale is an approximation till revised at time of purchase. For which a total 'of all items' and their weights being shipped will be known, should this be required.

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