Simplified Flight Calculator

• Aviation - 1942 Simplified Flight Calculator
• Aviation - 1942 Simplified Flight Calculator
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• Aviation - 1942 Simplified Flight Calculator
1942 Simplified Flight Calculator which allows aircraft pilotage using dead reckoning in course plotting. Calculates drift angle and correction, course, heading, magnetic or compass reading, wind speed and direction, duration, air speed correction for altitude, and temperature, and correction for variation and deviation.

This given in a time and era when airplanes were made out of fabric and radial engines raced the sky. While night eyes gazed in black lit cockpits, upon organized maps snug against a glowing plotter.


Product Quantity: Only 1 item in stock. Item includes 1 Flight Calculator, Instruction Sheet & Folder Case.

Condition: Very good with some limited wear. The protective cover is worn with the original black fabric side tape having separated. No cockpit heat or sun damage. The end tip of the longer of the two clear plot rulers shows signs of contact against the brass grommet, but marginal. Tarnishing of Brass grommets appears limited to none. Overall the Flight Calculator shows it was cared for, edges are straight, writings and markings in proper order. Has been left in its original condition without cleaning, see photos.

Country of Mfg: USA

Size: approx. L: 9-5/8” x W: 3.5” x Depth: 1/16” for Flight Calculator, with protective case, L: 10.75” x W: 3.75”.

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