Golfing Metal Art; Golfer with Hat Bending in Sand Trap

• Golf Metal Art; Golfer with Hat Bending in Sand Trap, Ashtray/Other ~H:3x5” Vtg
• Golf Metal Art; Golfer with Hat Bending in Sand Trap, Ashtray/Other ~H:3x5” Vtg
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• Golf Metal Art; Golfer with Hat Bending in Sand Trap, Ashtray/Other ~H:3x5” Vtg
NOooooooo, it’s really quite nice, just looks gritty…

A Comical approach to creating Art with Golfing, and the leisurely past time of lighting up and reflecting on what went wrong on that last green.

The tray is given to a golfer’s character bent over with club in hand; pondering on a shot from a sand trap that unfortunately had been left with unwarranted footprints. To which his ball had rolled into. Not a good chance at keeping a low score, considering the closeness of the trap's edge and how deep the one print his ball resides in.

The Hat once make shifted for one’s rolled tobacco left to balance, but now awaits something new. Being it was said to be an ashtray I see it as more of a desk tray for business cards, trinkets, an artist’s paint brush holder, or just as an addition to like sport game curios. A maker’s mark is stamped on the back-side of the golfer.


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Condition: Very good, no seen scratches or rough handling, some expected oxidation in metal, but spotty and contributes to the golfer’s tray vintage looks. This has been given a coating of a museum sold grade wax, similar to Renaissance Wax and wiped, but not polished. It ensures integrity and stability to current aging prior to sale. Note, aging is an art in recreating from what once was new and takes decades for Mother Nature (with human intervention) to master correctly. The bottom base which is hallowed retains its original protective felt cover. All in all a functional an appealing art piece with its (plated?) shiny goldish silver non-magnetic metal form.

Country: Japan

Size: approx. H: 3-3/8” x L: 4.75“ x W: 3.0”

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