Handcrafted Milk Glass Oil Lamp Globe

• Handcrafted Milk Glass Oil Lamp Globe, Hobnail Ruffled Edged ~H:8x8" 1lb Vtg/Atq
• Handcrafted Milk Glass Oil Lamp Globe, Hobnail Ruffled Edged ~H:8x8" 1lb Vtg/Atq
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• Handcrafted Milk Glass Oil Lamp Globe, Hobnail Ruffled Edged ~H:8x8" 1lb Vtg/Atq
A blown hand tooled ‘primitive’ 3 press hinge molded Bulbous Victorian style Milk Glass Oil Lamp Globe. The pattern is of a Hobnail and affords an upper ring neck and hand tooled uncommon 9 petal crimped Ruffled Edge. It’s possibly to be from the early to mid-century 1900s, but exact date unknown.

The bulbous center has a lesser thickness which allows a slightly more clear and opalescent color, whereas the upper and lower areas are more devoted to a solid milk white. Many made are of a single solid milk color throughout. Such technique would in my opinion be more common when candle power was still of importance. It also indicates having been snapped clean from its pontil rod at its base without needed polishing, showing skill of the glass artisan who likely was producing these in mass. This too shows the gaffer’s cut, or possibly was ‘cracked off’ from the blowpipe at the top and having been done at a slight angle, giving the tooled rim a slight slant once crimped.

Use of a hinge mold as any mold was and is for imprinting upon the glass a design as well as its shape.

Of the many very once popular milk glass producers in the US, none are possibly closer than Fenton’s, even Kemple’s more recent mid-century glass work.

There are similar currently produced copies to this style. They have 8 crimps to their rim and the shoulder collar is at the top of the bulbous center, not above it and on the neck. They are being stated as vintage even Fenton but unlike the one for sale here.


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Condition: Very Good! Showing little to no wear and similar to when new yet of vintage. It will fit most all common and current size oil lamp wick holders set to around 3 inches, but may need the (4) retaining prongs shorten (bending or cut) by a quarter of an inch to allow full seating of the globe, if desired. This may not be necessary on older vintage/ antique style wick holders.

Country: USA likely but unknown.

Size: approx. H: 7.75” x Dia: 7.75”, base diameter is between 2-7/8” & 2-15/16” at its upper top 4.0”. The rise of the lower bottom base is 7/8” and shows no use.

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