Uniden Bear Tracker 800 BCT7

 Uniden Bear Tracker 800 BCT7 Vtg
Uniden Bear Tracker 800 BCT7 Vtg
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 Uniden Bear Tracker 800 BCT7 Vtg
Building description and sooner or later to be offered...

Great device while traveling but was into heavy hauling and with regulations and restrictions on most loads this got parked into storage and forgotten.




Pre-programmed frequencies specific to each state (except Hawaii).

Pre-programming by the following categories:

-Highway Patrol/State Police

-Local Police and County Sheriffs

-State Departments of Transportation (DOT)

-Fire and Emergency Medical Services

-News Media

-Weather (continuous NOAA weather and Canadian Coast Guard broadcasts) 100 channels of user-programmable frequencies available

-Program frequencies into each of the above banks, or

-Program your own bank of 25 Private frequencies

Highway Patrol Priority Alert

-Receive audible and visual alert when within three miles of many

Highway Patrol/State units

CB Search - Search all 40 CB channels

Band Search Search through 12 bands of radio spectrum for frequencies. 26 MHz - 956 MHz - Scan these frequency ranges with your BCT7. (Note: the frequency coverage is not totally continuous.)

Data Skip - Skip certain data signals and unmodulated transmissions.

Memory Backup - In case of a power failure, user-programmed frequencies are retained in memory for approximately 30 days


Purchased back in 1994 and with original box


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