Two Wood Sculpted Weeping Buddha's

• Weeping Buddhas 2 (Prince, Warrior) Sculpted Monkey Pod Wood, Guatama ~H:6x6" 2lbs Vtg
• Weeping Buddhas 2 (Prince, Warrior) Sculpted Monkey Pod Wood, Guatama ~H:6x6" 2lbs Vtg
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• Weeping Buddhas 2 (Prince, Warrior) Sculpted Monkey Pod Wood, Guatama ~H:6x6" 2lbs Vtg
A powerful art form this Weeping Buddha embraces, with his head buried into his hands as he bends forward while crouching.

Sculpted from monkey pod wood and with label; printed ‘Guatama’ (Gautama?) on its underside.


There are many expressions used to describe this Buddha as it has been created, though all point to redemption and goodness of heart, which are given to those that chance by.

Meant to be place to the left and facing an entrance to one’s home, the sculpted Buddha will influence those that enter. In its entirety all views shown in its creation contribute to this gifting in the enlightenment it holds; emanating positive energy with inner wellness of being and clarity of mind … plus much more.


Siddhartha Gautama was born as a Prince around 565 years BCE. Known as the Buddha he is the founder of Buddhism. The title Buddha (the enlightened one) was applied after his enlightenment.

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Included with the larger Buddha is a similarly made yet smaller Buddha. Its size makes well in the hand and can easily be carried.


Product Quantity: Only 1 set in stock. Set includes 1 Sculptured Buddha Form and a 2nd yet smaller Buddha.

Condition: Very Good, having been well cared for over time, it has been brush and hand rubbed with Treewax then cloth wiped. The wax is a premium non-cleaning wood wax and is meant for keeping the wood at its best for times to come. To note that monkey pod wood doesn’t darken like some other woods do with waxes or clear oils applied and maintains its rich color well.

Country: of South to East Asia but unknown.

Size: approx. H: 5.5” x W: 5.75” x Depth: 6.0”

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